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wall mounted solutions


Pegboard is a perforated board with is pre-drilled with evenly spaced holes that have an established role in storage.  An innovative and low cost way to display merchandise on previous unused wall space in retail.  Pegboard are most often used to display small to medium items & unstable packaging which can be displayed effortlessly with the help of our pegboard hooks.  We stock a range of begboard accessories including, single hooks, double hooks (euro hooks) & shelves for non hanging items. Moreover it is adaptable, the peg hooks and accessories can be custom arranged and continually rearranged to meet your specific needs.  Creating a pegboard wall is a great and easy solution.  Just screw into the wall and it is ready to go.


A more modern, improved version of MDF slatwall panels are slatwall panels made with a cellular foam PVC construction.  Featuring patented hidden-screw design slatwall panels, get the versatility of having individual panels installed as a track, in a section or over an entire wall.  They offer several benefits over traditional MDF slatwall panels, including durability, moisture resistance, lighter weight and a finished high-end look. The color is throughout the entire board, just not on the surface.  Extremely versatile in application with easy usage in almost any location, complement your shop layout with slatwall fittings that will seamlessly blend in with your existing interior décor.  Merchandising is a snap to execute with the wide variety of slatwall accessories such as hook, shelf brackets and more.  You can purchase hooks especially designed for slotwalls but all pegboard hooks will fit slotwalls.  Any configuration you can imagine possible.

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