Please feel free to use this page to learn more details and specifications for our shelves. To get quote call us or fill the form for each shelf type you are interested .
This will enable us to see your requirements and we can provide a full quotation. You can also e-mail us a plan of your shop, the type of products you wish to display and we will advise you on the best shelving layout to suit your requirements.
If you want to get a quote as accurate as possible, we can arrange an appointment to come to your shop and get measurements free of charge.

shelving units

Retail shelving is at the heart of any store, a well designed store shelving system can make the difference between a good store and a great store. By finding and using the right size and style of shelving for your store you can optimise the space that you have and maximise the potential of your store. We aim to source sturdy and functional shelving displays in variety of sizes and options to suit any retailer from a small store to the largest supermarket. Whether you are opening a new store or upgrading an existing store we can help you get the most cost-effective and efficient way to organise your shop shelving. Let us take a look at your store and provide you with money saving and sales boosting tips that can help you build the store of your dreams! These services are completely free with no obligation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Why buy from us:
  •  We stock all shelving components for immediate availability.
  • Easy to assemble and adjust – no nuts and bolts involved
  • White steel construction with high load capacity
  • Wide range of sizes and styles
  • Choice of Pegboard or Flatboard Panels at same price
  • Free Price holders for all shelves
  • Vast range of accessories available such us dividers, hooks and more available.
1. Column: Heavy duty with adjustable foot disc Designed with holes on both sides Size 95x45mm Pitch 55mm
2. Base Leg: Locks with a safety pin into the upright . With adjustable foot disc for uneven floor surfaces. Height 17cm
3. Back Panel: Horizontal insertion into upright slotting Flatboard or Pegboard option Thickness 0.8mm
4. Bracket: Two positional Thickness 2.7mm
5. Shelf Positioned: flat or angled ( ) . Down 13° Two rows of holes in front and back Evenly distributed load up to 80-120kg Thickness 0.8mm With W-shaped steel stiffeners
6. Front Cap: Slots into the base legs to provide a neat finish under the base shelf
7. Top Cap: Provides a neat and tidy finish on the top of lower shelving units (108cm & 144cm)
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