Wire Shelf label holder

Wire Shelf label holder

0.951.75 + VAT

  • Fits onto wire up to 6mm
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Holds up to 4 cm price tickets
  • Label holder is great for displaying price, name of the product or additional information about the product.
    Enables easy and quick changes of the contests which simply slides in and out.
  • Wire shelf and basket price holder fits onto wire with a maximum 6mm diameter.
  • It is designed to take price tickets insert height up to 4cm.
  • Coloured backing strip attract customers attention to your products.
    Available in a range of colours including white, blue, yellow and red.
    With clear plastic front to ensure maximum visibility of your information.
  • Easily clips to most wire baskets, shelf riser and wire dump bin.


1. Height 4.5cm        2. Length 47cm / 58.5cm / 88cm       3. Clear front -Ticket height 4cm       4. Wire diameter up to 6mm

Dimensions Μ/Δ

47cm, 58.5cm, 88cm

Color for Price tag

Blue, Red, white, Yellow