PVC slatwall trim options (OPTIONAL)


PVC slatwall trim options (OPTIONAL)

6.007.50 + VAT

  • Optional accessories for slatwall panel
  • White or Black color

Trim pieces are used to give your new slat wall a more finished, professional look. The trim moldings
and caps that we offer are extrusion parts and are available in both of our slatwall panel colors.
Can also be cut upon request to size to fit slatwall panels height.


SP3: Side molding trim 240cm long is used to hide the top and bottom edges of the panel.
It can also be used around windows or other objects the slat wall may hang next to.

SP4: Division molding trim 240cm long ,used to join two continuous slatwall sections together.

SP5: Inside/outside corner molding trim 240cm long is used to give a finished look to slat wall
pieces that join together at a wall corner. Using this trim, you can take advantage of all your
wall space. And it only takes one piece of trim to connect both of the slat walls.

Dimensions Μ/Δ
Trim Options:

SP3 – Side molding trim, SP4 – Division molding trim, SP5 – Corner molding trim