PVC Slatwall panel

PVC Slatwall panel

19.00152.00 + VAT

  • Strong and durable
  • Interlocking panels
  • White or grey colours throughout entire board
  • Slat hooks and accessories are sold separately
  • Our PVC slatwall can be installed with your choice of configuration. Each panel is sold separately, choose multiple pieces to create a complete wall system.
    Uses a tongue and groove system which aligns and locks panels.  Just simply stack our PVC slatwall on top of each other as high as you need to go and you
    will create one  seamless look. The panels can also cut upon request to size to size to fit tighter spaces.
  • PVC slatwall is water and moisture resistant, stronger and lighter than the standard MDF slatwall panenels.
  • Patented hidden-screw design for a professional finished look or mount directly on a wall or drywall. Optional “wall connector brackets” replace screws through the panels.
    Mounting screws and plugs are not included.
  • For a consistent look when joining two or more section together use “H Trim” pieces.
  • Each individual slatwall panels 32.1 cm high. For each additional join section is calculated 30.3cm.
    Available in 120cm length in white colour throughout entire board.
  • Fits our peg board and slat wall hooks and accessories.

For  slatwall hooks or pegboard hooks (single and u-shape hook) click here

Dimensions Μ/Δ
Colour options


Slatwall Dimensions (Height x Length)

(1 panel) 32.1*120cm, (2 panels) 62.4*120cm, (3 panels) 92.7*120cm, (4 panels) 123*120cm, (5 panels) 153.3*120cm, (6 panels) 183.6*120cm, (7 panels) 213.9*120cm, (8 panels) 244.2*120cm