6-Pocket Wall newspaper panel

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6-Pocket Wall newspaper panel

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  • 6 pockets full-view newspaper display
  •  Each pocket holds up to 9.5cm
  •  Wall mounted
  •  Overall size 47x30x155cm
  • This 6 pocket panel is an incredible way to display your newspapers.
    Diagonal design of pockets allow full view of front pages while keeping it neat and organized.
  •  For outdoor use, pullout wire support bracket is needed for diagonal pockets.
  •  Each pocket holds up to 9.5cm worth of newspaper
  •  Designed for either wall mounting, to fit our newspaper stands
    or for use on pegboard shelving unit for a professional look.
  • White powder coated steel
  • Non folding unit. Screws are not included


Size (cm) : 47 x 30 x 155 (LxWxH)
Total 6 pockets 9.5cm deep

Dimensions 47 × 30 × 155 cm

Indoor use, Outdoor use