SKU: E84.

144X45X187CM – 24 Pockets Newspaper display stand

246.00 + VAT

  • 24 pockets full-view newspaper display
  • Vertical and diagonal pockets
  • Overall size 144x45x187cm
  • This 24pocket newspaper stand is an incredible way display newspapers. Diagonal
    design of pockets allow full view of front pages while keeping it neat and organized.
    Features 3 newspaper panel (E65) each have 8 pockets. Each panel features 4 vertical
    overlapping pockets which holds up to 5.5cm and 4 diagonal pockets which holds up to
    9.5cm worth of newspaper. Each diagonal pocket includes pullout wire support bracket.
  •  Casters for easy mobility (included)
  •  White powder coated metal frame and wire pockets
  •  Overall size 144x45x187cm
  •  Non folding stand


E84 NEWSPAPER STAND                                                        E65 NEWSPAPER PANEL 
Size (cm) : 144 x 45 x 187 (LxWxH)                                          Size (cm) : 47 x 30 x 155 (LxWxH)
Includes 3pcs E65 newspaper panels                                    Features 4 pockets 5.5cm deep & 4 pockets 9.5cm deep


Dimensions 144 × 45 × 187 cm