105cm Double sided Fruit & Veg Shelving

397.00675.00 + VAT

✅ Show off more using less space at the center portion of your store
✅ Each titled tier accommodates 3 big fruit & veg crates (not supplied)
✅ Gondola for fruits & vegetables display
✅ White strong steel construction

Length: 105cm
Depth: 140cm

Select height and number of tiers from the drop down menu.
According your selection, product image and total price will be shown.


The fruit and vegetable gondola display unit offer complete visibility of all contents even in the lower tier.
Designed to show off more perishables using less space at the center portion of your store

■ Fruit and vegetable tier is designed to sit at a sloping angle and is adjustable in height.
Made of square steel tube to give proper air circulation to fruits and vegetables.
Each tier size is 100cm long and 70cm deep and accommodates 3 large fruit & veg crates in portrait position.
Frond stopper for crates is 12cm to make sure that your products will be safe enough.
■ Frond cap is supplied to finish the unit.
If not used then 3 large fruit & veg crates can be positioned on floor for storage
■ Choice of Pegboard or Flatboard Panels
■ For choices with added upper shelf you can choose 32cm, 38cm, 44cm or 50cm depth.
Our recommended shelf depth is 44cm. Price is the same of all shelf depth.
With each shelf you get for free price holder. Color choices: white,blue,yellow,red
■ Available upon request. Delivery time between 2-10 working days.
■ Fruit and vegetable crates are not supplied. Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
■ White steel construction with high load capacity


Dimensions 105 × 140 cm
Height and number of tiers:

108cm with 4 tiers, 144cm with 4 tiers, 144cm with 4 tiers & 2 shelves, 144cm with 6 tiers, 180cm with 6 tiers, 180cm with 6 tiers & 2 shelves, 216cm with 6 tiers, 216cm with 6 tiers & 2 shelves