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ESTELLA Metal Manufacturers has over 30 years of experience and level of expertise in the retail business and we have been ranked as one of the most competent and trustworthy suppliers of shop equipment.

Our extensive variety of products, most of which are in stock and ready to be shipped out, our low prices and quality service ensure that we have what you need to be a success in your business.

We can also custom make almost anything to suit your specific need.

Our mission is helping our customers

– make most cost-effective and efficient way to organise their shop

– make the most of the space they have available

– organise their store to make it as productive as possible

–  achieve cost saving and improve efficiency

– developing unique product or solution with our own intellectual property right

Whether the project is a whole or partial renovation or it involves the design of a new store Estella Metal Manufacturers is active, consistent and reliable in every step of the way.

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