slatWall connector Strip (OPTIONAL)


slatWall connector Strip (OPTIONAL)

2.00 + VAT

  • Optional accessory for slatwall panel
  • Metal wall fixing strip for hidden attachment method
  • Separated into 8 parts 30.4cm from strip 244cm long
  • Suitable for grey slatwall only
  • These strips offer a simple and attractive solution to fix our slatwall panels onto any wall. Simply screw to the wall and
    slot the panels on to the strip.  They are intended be used by those who seek a hidden attachment method.
  • These strip are not required to install our PVC slatwall as you can still install your panels using screws through the panel into the wall
  • Each strip is 244cm long which is the height of eight slatwall panels.
    Can be separated into 8 parts 30.4cm to fix individual panels to the wall if required.
  • We recommend 2 strips per panel for medium loads and 3 strips per panel for heavy loading.
  • Material: industrial grade steel
  • Thickness: 0.16cm

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