Product Title: Double sided Pegboard Shelf
 Category: Ράφια Διπλής Όψεως (Γόνδολα) - Double Sided Shelves (Gondola)
 Product Code:  DP

Double sided Pegboard Shelf unit can be used with peg hooks to create a hanging display for suitably packaged products and gives you the possibility of extension according your needs  

  • Layer capacity 120 kg  
  • Color: White
  • Hooks: 10,15,20,25cm
  • Lenght: 65,95,105,125,140cm
  • Availiable Layers: 30,35,40,45,50cm

      Free plastic tag holder for all shelves
        Color choices: yellow - red - blue

The shelves are assembled and available in stock. Are contituted by spare parts designed in order that the shelves can be moved easily according to the needs of your shop. So you can change the distance between the shelves,remove or add shelves within a few minutes!