Product Title: Corner Grocery Shelf
 Category: Ράφια Μαναβικής - Fruit and Vegetable Display
 Product Code:  FC

The best choice which provides 100% cover of the corner space in your shop. 
Our Grocery display is best way to show off more fruits and vegetables using 
less space and money than other displays.
On top one shelf can be added to show off other products or a mirror
canopy to emphasise the quality and freshness of your fruit and vegetable. 

  • Layer capacity 200 kg
  • Color: White
  • Perforated panel or flat

Dimensions : 
Length 110x110cm, 110x145cm, 145x145cm 
Width 75 cm 
Height 150, 172, 193, 215 cm    


*  The product is availiable  within 15 days. We accept orders according your needs.