Product Title: End Bay 45cm
 Category: Ράφια Έντ - Ent Shelves
 Product Code:  E45

End bay is placed at the end of Gondola and consists your desired end layers. Is ideal for customers to be able to see all products from view on frond of the end bay.  

  • Layer capacity 100 kg  
  • Color: White 
  • Perforated panel or Flat

End shelf 45cm should be used with Double sided shelf with layer 40cm
to match the gondola width which will be 89cm.
End bay you can placed only from one side of the shelf or to both sides depends
free space you have to your store.
However number of end layers must be the same as layers of gondola to match and look good 

                                                              Length of shelf with add
Shelf Lenght             1 END layer 45cm   ή    ΕΝD layers 45cm          
      65cm                         112cm                      155cm
      95cm                         142cm                      185cm
    105cm                         152cm                      195cm       
    125cm                         172cm                      215cm
    140cm                         187cm                      230cm
Shelf Width 89cm  
Height: 129,150,172,193,215cm

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        Color choices: yellow - red - blue - white

The shelves are assembled and available in stock. Are contituted by spare parts designed in order that the shelves can be moved easily according to the needs of your shop. So you can change the distance between the shelves,remove or add shelves within a few minutes!