ESTELLA Metal Manufacturers have been resided in Limassol since 1984, offering solutions which are reliable and well-designed for the unique and demanding needs of every professional.

The Company, which incorporates a well organised manufacturing works with an area of 800m2 , a storage area of 1200m2 , and fully experienced human dynamics in the areas of production as well as customer services, corresponds fully to the high-powered demands of the market.

With its long-term experience for guidance, the company assists its clients quickly, qualitatively, and with great consistency. The Company has been ranked as one of the most competent and trustworthy suppliers of shop equipment, due to the carefully studied development of our products as well as high-quality criteria which persist and large production possibilities. For this reason, ESTELLA Company forms a challenge for partnership with a series of manufacturers involved in the interior and exterior supplies as well as the advertisement of companies and stores.

The possibility of multiple operations alongside the function of aesthetic and design, are the strong points which characterise the Company, and assure the uniqueness its products.

For a better formation of your area, an a thorough assessment of the plans given to the Company by the clients is carried out, followed by a visit to the certain area in order to precisely take down the dimensions as well as certain special features which add special character to the place, providing a better, more approachable solution to the overall functionality of the area.

We acquire more than 5000 ready-made products in order for you to display your merchandise in an easier and helpful manner. The shelves are designed in such a way that they could be assembled or dismantled and can also be transferred in a manner which is more convenient.

More than 5000 models ready for delivery.

Νewspaper Stand 26 tier Price: 154.00 €
Corner Grocery Shelf
Rotating Magazines Stand 40 tier Price: 126.00 €
Double sided Pegboard Shelf

Stand with Baskets E15-E17
End Bay 55cm
Pegboard Shelf
End Bay 50cm

Gondola Wall Shelving Unit 125 cm
Wall mount unit 16 tier for Magazines (26x177) Price: 31.00 €
Plastic Basket 20L
Warehouse Shelf 150 kg

Magazines Stand 56 tier & 1 basket Price: 179.00 €
Plastic Basket 28L
Wall Shelving Unit 65 cm
Cash Counter width 120 cm

Pegmetal Display Price: 70.00 €
Double Hooks
4-Way Island Shelving 145x145cm
Shopping Trolley

We offer
Stands and Shelves for:

Storage Room
Convenience Store

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